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We have selected a few of our best pieces to show on this page.


FileGenie offers subscription based services for online file storage. It's easy to understand design and streamlined system serves up files to visitors lightning fast. This system has unlimited scalability.

FileGenie Website
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FDNS offers free 3rd level domain name services. It provides the web interface to configure all required information and the backend database, and DNS servers. FDNS is currenlty version version 3 powered by PHP/mySQL, but previously ran for 6 years on Orion/Java/mySQL. This site is just one more free site/service we are providing to the Internet community.

FDNS Website
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Floodscatter is a remote object caching service. It caches objects such as images, pdf's, etc. for remote serving from our high speed servers. Floodscatter is typically utilized for remote distribution of content for websites to help avoid such things as flash floods of traffic.

Floodscatter Website
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